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Resources and Commodities International – headquartered in United Arab Emirates, is one of the leading marketers and producers of various industrial minerals and commodities. Its extensive operational activities expand to procuring, processing, refining, transporting and storage through its widespread global supply chain of industrial minerals.

Our ability to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with our solutions through our deep rooted values of adherence to quality, has ushered us to the fore on a global platform where it has immerged as one of the most favorite partners of prominent global brands today.               

At RESCOM, we are a simple and scalable organization that is truly entrepreneurial in nature but emphatic professional in approach. Our efforts have always been focused to assist our customers in deriving maximum efficiency by helping them procure the best materials at the most cost effective prices, thus driving their quality, profitability and in turn supporting them throughout their expansion and development processes. It mutually translates into manifold growth prospects for them and for us as well.               

The majority of our customers around the world have their strong presence in varied industries and our commitment to meet their hatched expectations convinces them to rely upon our globally recognized network for the supply of minerals and commodities.               

These all put together act as unflinching motivating forces for our efforts and they ultimately strengthen our commitment to growth and development in existing as well as emerging markets.